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VMware Server 2.0 RC1 is ready for download!

  1. Register for a free key.
  2. Install VMware Server 2.0 RC1.
  3. Create a new VM.
  4. Install any operating system.
  5. Boot your fresh, new VM!

Bringing up Xubuntu has been easy, as in previous versions of VMware Server.  Best feature is moving USB 2.0 devices into the VMware VM.  Tranferring files should be faster via a USB flash drive.  Might be placing my iPod Touch iTunes there.

The new interface needs some time to get used to it.

Download – Big download about 550 MB.


Release NotesMake sure to read about accessing the new VMware Console.




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For anyone out there that stumbles on my blog, as time goes one, I’ll have some updates regarding my adventures in linux, robots, and all other things that can come up.  Enjoy!

Here’s my son at Robogames 2008 in San Francisco…


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